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Europe, does the word conjure up visions of "if it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium"? or perhaps hordes of "backpackers" trekking through the streets laden with their "packs",  long lines, crowds, getting lost, heat and not knowing the language. Well, it doesn't have to be that way. No, honestly, it doesn't.  Design Travel & Tours offers custom designed programs to all European countries, private car and English speaking driver/guides, superb hotels whether they be castles, quaint little properties or just plain nice hotels in great locations, we can make that European vacation a stress free time.

We also offer rail itineraries...take the train between cities and have transfers and hotels prebooked along with either private car tours or seat in coach tours. Available too are set tour programs where you can join a group for 1 day or longer.

Take your time and do it your way.

Here are some of the countries we offer on our programs.

bullet Great Britain bullet France bullet Poland
bullet Scotland bullet Germany bullet Czech Republic
bullet Wales bullet Austria bullet Hungary
bullet Ireland bullet Switzerland bullet Slovenia
bullet Scandinavia bullet Holland bullet Italy
bullet Finland bullet Belgium bullet Sicily
bullet Norway bullet Luxembourg bullet Malta
bullet Sweden bullet Spain bullet Corsica
bullet Denmark bullet Portugal bullet Sardinia
bullet Iceland bullet Morocco bullet Monaco
bullet Greenland bullet   bullet  


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 updated 3/02